Recipe: Yogurt + Chia Pudding

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Good morning and happy summer! This year we decided to skip out on all camps and enjoy where we live with the kids. We hit the beach, pool, golf cart around every afternoon and take afternoon naps. It has been heaven spending time with the kids and balancing my lighter summer client flow. Mornings at the beach are the best! Prepping breakfast in advance makes our out-the-door time so quick.

This yogurt and chia pudding recipe is on repeat at our house. You can make it up to 5 days in advance. That is amazing because you can literally make almost a week’s worth of breakfast at once and it takes no time. Also, you can tweak this recipe so many different ways to your liking. As a self-proclaimed planner, knowing that breakfast is done just makes my morning less stressful.

The kicker for me is that I feel so good after this start. In this recipe, I opt for a dairy free yogurt. I have been eating minimal dairy since mid-April and my stomach feels better than ever! But, you can do any yogurt you like in this recipe.

As with most of the recipes that I share, it is more about the method than the exact list of ingredients. Teaching a skill that you can go home and make your own will always be my end goal.

Chia seeds are also packed with fiber and this is a great recipe if you feel like your digestion is a little more sluggish than you would like. When your digestion is off, everything can feel off. Daily bowel movements help to detoxify your body and this yogurt and chia pudding can definitely kick-start things, if needed.

For the most part, this is just a darn good breakfast. I love a sweeter start in the morning over savory. This is not overly sweet, I get to top it with my favorite things and it is a 2-minute breakfast. Such a win. My hope is that you try this and fall in love with not just how it tastes, but how you feel afterwards.




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