Recipe: The Only Egg Bake You Need

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Egg bakes are one of the most versatile, make in advance, eat anytime of day meals you can create! Not only are they so quick and easy, but you can customize them with any ingredients that you have on hand. You can make these vegetarian, spicy, super cheesy (my husband’s fav) or the kitchen sink version. You know, the one where you throw in whatever you have and it just tastes incredible? That’s the one!

For this version, I used two of our favorite ingredients to pair with eggs: kale and sausage. You can truly pack so many kale leaves into this recipe and the sausage always gives off the best smoky, spicy flavor. As with all my recipes, this is a method. If you have family members that aren’t keen on kale, use spinach, Or, skip greens all together and addΒ  potatoes and sausage.

Really and truly, make this yours. It is so forgiving. I promise you can’t mess it up.

A kitchen goal of ours is to create minimal food waste and these egg bakes are the most delicious way to use leftover roasted veggies. It gives them a whole new look, taste and makes this a weekly menu item at the Brennan house. If you ever find yourself with random produce in the drawer or a few bites of leftover veggies, this recipe is for you!

Note: this is just as good cold and eaten directly out of the refrigerator. Sometimes I find myself between lunch and dinner needing something to fill me up before picking up the E’s from school. Bites of this are perfect! Eggs are an incredibly nourishing food. We love them!

While I don’t have many beautiful pictures of this meal, trust me. You will LOVE it! Have the best weekend and if you have any questions about baking eggs, lay them on me! Happy to help.




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