Recipe: Cinnamon Salted Caramel Smoothie

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We have just fallen head over heels for a new recipe! This cinnamon salted caramel smoothie was born out of running out of greens and craving a little salty/sweet combo. I love to use extracts and seasoning in my smoothie recipes to elevate their flavors. Also, when you are trying to limit the amount of sugar that can end up in a smoothie but still desire a killer taste you learn quickly that these ingredients can be  your best friend.

If I had to make a choice between being a sweet girl or a savory girl, I would 100% land in the savory camp. Adding pink salt to this smoothie enhances the sweetness and cinnamon flavor. The addition creates the most perfect balance!

It is the same love that I have with a little cayenne pepper paired up with cacao. The little kick of heat pulls all the rich chocolate flavor out. Some unusual pairings can end up in the most glorious ways (just don’t put brussel sprouts in your smoothie… been there and it was an epic fail!)

Hope that you love this recipe- I love it so much that I have enjoyed it the past three mornings in a row. So fabulous and the perfect brightness on this very dreary Florida Monday morning.

Also, tons of asks for where I buy smoothie ingredients, what jars I use to store things in and my favorite cups. I recently created an Amazon shop page so that everything is linked in one place: B.B. Wellness Amazon Shop. 

Take care and have a wonderful start to your week.

Big hugs, BB



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