Recipe: Spicy Squash

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During fall we participated in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and we recieved a weekly farm box. It was like Christmas morning each Friday when we got to pick it up and I was always so excited to create recipes with our local, seasonal and organic produce. My favorite: squash and zucchini!

You all know that I use zucchini and squash in my morning smooothies and in our grilled veggie baskets. Our other favorite way to use them is in this recipe for spicy squash. This side dish is spicy and has amazing seasoning. It simmers for quite a while. This is not a quick recipe but it is easy!

The time the squash spends on the stove absolutely creates flavor that you wouldn’t get if you were quick cooking them. You can double this up and it keeps and reheats wonderfully. This is Michael’s favorite side dish and I am sure that if he sees this post he will be asking to have it added to our weekly rotation!

One other reason that I adore this recipe is because it is not expensive to make. So many dishes and ingredients can be pricey and other than the herbs de provence (which keep for a long time and we consider an investment) this is a very budget friendly side.

Happy to share this recipe with you all and if you have any questions about it, just shoot me a comment below. Take care!



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