Recipe: Whole 30 Creamy Cacao + Almond Butter Smoothie

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Are you into eating chocolate ice cream smoothie bowls for breakfast? Cool, me, too. You are in good company.

Starting the day with something sweet is it for me. I tend to associate savory meals with lunch and dinner and very rarely will go savory for breakfast. I like my breakfast to taste like dessert and I don’t hide it. These rich, sweet smoothie bowls are parts of my day that I truly look forward to. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and there are days where I will even eat a smoothie for dinner!

Those days are usually in the middle of summer or on a night when I have taken and late afternoon run and am super hot. In the Brennan house, smoothies work for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Here is the fabulous recipe that pairs up two different kinds of cacao and dreamy almond butter.



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