Recipe: The Everyday Chocolate Smoothie

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I am the type of girl who finds comfort in routine and structure. I love what I love and make no excuses for the way we live our life. Even the 3 AM alarm that tends to blow most minds. It is the routine of our life that allows me to be spontaneous and very present. The more I know, the more I plan accordingly. Once I create the plan and follow it, my day tends to have lots of open spaces for fun, play and un-planned living.

Hence the benefit of a few, tried and tested, could eat them everyday and still love them recipes. This Everyday Chocolate Smoothie is just that recipe. It tastes like a cold, gooey brownie. If you are new-ish to my smoothie recipes, most of them tend to be my take on a dessert favorite. Cookies, cakes, candy, pies… they can all be made into a sippable or spoonable smoothie.

I love to start with smoothies each day because they are so gentle on your stomach and your digestive tract. I prefer to spoon a smoothie vs. sip because eating slowly and chewing my meals has been a very important part of my belly healing journey. I used to absolutely scarf down my food. A skill mastered while I held a crying baby in one arm and shoveled my meals into my mouth with the other.

Now, as often as I can, I sit in a quiet spot and enjoy my meals. Breakfast sets the tone for the day and I love to be very intentional about how I start my day and end my day. Those bookends are critical parts of our daily flow.

Savoring this chocolate smoothie bowl is blissful. I usually sip a hot drink while I eat my smoothies because 9 out of 10 mornings I freeze. But they are delicious, full of nutrients and taste like dessert.

Here is the recipe for the smoothie most blended these days!

This smoothie contains the zest of an orange and you have to trust me! That citrus and chocolate combo makes this smoothie taste over the top good! This smoothie also contains Mount Hagen organic, instant coffee . If you have leftover coffee from your morning pot, that can work just as well! We love this coffee so much and always keep it stocked in regular and decaf.

Maca is another ingredient that you may not be too familiar with. Back when I first started blogging (2015, I think), I shared a post on the benefits of maca if you want to check it out. Superfoods Revealed: Maca Root- Everything You Need to Know

One last note on smoothies. I often hear from friends, clients and people that share on social media that smoothies do not keep them full for more than an hour or so. I have definitely experienced that before, too. The key to being full for a long time on smoothies falls in the ingredients you include. Make sure you have fruits and veggies (fiber is great at creating long lasting satisfication), added fiber in the form of flax or chia is a great booster, protein and fats.

I can’t stress the importance of healthy fats enough. When I think back on my early 20’s and how into fat-free and low fat foods I was. It is so interesting that I was ALWAYS hungry after those foods. Now, I eat full fat everything, all the time. That fat keeps my body happy, my brain sharp and my tummy full for 4-5 hours after one of these.

I end each post in very similar ways, but please know that I am always here if you have questions. Health journeys can be interesting to navigate and I am happy to answer any question, big or small. Wishing you all a beautiful day and please let me know if you try this one out!





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