recipe: brazil nut creamer (whole30 compliant)

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Good evening and happy Sunday! I wanted to sit down and migrate some of the recipes that I get requested to share the most on Instagram, over here on the blog. First up, brazil nut creamer. While we were on the Whole30 in January, coffee time was a part of the day that we REALLY looked forward to. Our new puppy, Pepper, that was up most of the night in January had us waking up craving a delicious cup, too. The fact that a puppy is like having a newborn is for a whole other post entirely! Ha!

Brazil nuts are a wonderful source of selenium- which can be pretty hard to get in your everyday diet. Selenium is an anti-inflammatory food and can even boost your mood. I know that we were both incredibly happy sipping this delicious creamer in our coffee! The best part about using brazil nuts as your creamer, is that they create the most creamy and rich consistency. This creamer is magical (can you tell we love coffee and creamer over here?) And, it is made with all Whole30 compliant ingredients.

I hope that if you try this creamer, you will love it as much as Michael and I do. I have another creamer I am going to be sharing tomorrow on Instagram, too. It is a delicious one! If you have any questions about this recipe or anything at all, don’t hesitate to reach out! Have a wonderful night!



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