Recipe: Best Bolognese

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If our family had to pick a favorite type of food it would definitely be Italian! Michael’s nickname in my family is “Meatball” because his love of meatballs runs deep. Edie is the same, so she now goes by “Mini Meatball”. Italian is our thing!

We adore this bolognese recipe and it is Evan’s favorite meal. Through our time in quarantine, I have made this bolognese almost every other week for him. When you find a recipe that works, you just keep it in the rotation! Also, this is so similar to a meatball and the whole family loves it!

This recipe was born during one of our January Whole 30 experiences. This bolognese has a slow, long simmer. Trust me, you want to dedicate the time to making this. I have tried it in the instant pot, but it doesn’t translate the same. When you allow it to simmer it gets thick and so full of flavor. This sauce sticks to any noodle you like and it is the most delicious when you use it in baked pasta dishes like lasagna.

You can use any ground meat in this dish. We first made it with Bison, but IΒ  have not been able to find ground bison over our quarantine. We have made it with grass fed ground beef and its great with ground turkey. You could even chop 4 cups of your favorite veggies, saute them in olive oil and make this recipe vegan. As with pretty much every recipe I share, I want you to make this your own. Learning the method and then creating a version that is just right for you and your family.

Please never hesitate to reach out with any questions about these recipes. I try to get back to every single comment, message and email πŸ˜‰

Take care, be well and remember to PLAY with your food!




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