Recipe: Whole30 Cinnamon Toast Crunch Smoothie

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I was reminded today by a sweet woman on Instagram about my Whole 30 smoothie recipes from a couple of years ago. These smoothies were so helpful during our January Whole 30.

The Whole 30 program is an excellent, 30-day elimination diet. If you want to learn more details about what the Whole 30 is, click on the “Press” tab and there are a few articles there from Good Morning America that I went more in depth with. Also, I am always here for questions.

Back when we did the W30, the recommendation was not to drink a meal. However, it just wasn’t feasible for Michael and I to create a sit down breakfast experience while trying to get Ev and Edie ready for school. So, this series of W30 smoothies was born!

They do require a few ingredients that are probably not at your local market, but with a little planning you can order them online and have them ready when you want to make these smoothies. I just went on Amazon today and placed an order for some things I don’t have on hand to make these over the next couple weeks!

For this recipe, the one ingredient that you may have to order in advance is Vital Proteins Vanilla Collagen. It looks like this:

This is a great addition to W30 or Paleo smoothie recipes. It has a beautiful list of ingredients and 20 grams of collagen per serving. The other ingredients in this smoothie should be pretty easy to grab at your local grocery store. You can make this with any protein addition, too.

Remember, you can use yogurt, hemp hearts or your favorite plant based, whey or paleo protein powder. You do not have to make these W30 smoothies. Create a blend that works for you and your life. If you want to try them exactly as written, GO FOR IT! If you don’t have vanilla collagen and don’t feel like purchasing it, don’t sweat it.

The “crunch” in this smoothie comes from mixing in some of my Superfood, Nut, Seed and Fruit Granola. The smoothie is a fabulous vanilla/cinnamon blend without it. This granola is another recipe created during one of our first W30’s and it is a favorite to this day. I would 100% make this granola to top on your smoothies- this one in particular! You can’t have a cinnamon toast crunch smoothie without the crunch!



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