Recipe: Whole30 Almond Butter Fluff Smoothie

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I am definitely on a walk down memory lane with these smoothies! Sometimes I find myself looking to create something new and different with my morning smoothies. I forget that reinventing the wheel isn’t always needed. Thankful to be moving all these recipes over to this blog for safe keeping and easy access. I just love them all so much.

This Almond Butter Fluff smoothie is out of this world. Like a Fluffernutter, but almond butter ;). Please use these recipes as a guide and get playful in the kitchen with what you have on hand. Nothing has to be exact here, but these recipes were written to support our Whole30 journey a couple of years ago. All of my non-perishable  smoothie ingredients are purchased on Amazon. They are all linked here if you want to take a look: B.B. Wellness Amazon Shop.

Amazon has everything and I love that it has become such a one stop shop for things that I can’t find locally in Jacksonville. This recipe has two ingredients that I think you would likely need to grab online: Vital Proteins Vanilla Collagen and Vanilla Bean Powder. All the other ingredients you should not have any trouble finding at your grocery store.

If you have any questions about these recipes, just let me know! All I can say is, my shipment from Amazon can’t come soon enough! I am dying to recreate every single one of these. Who’s with me??


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