Recipe: The Blue Bowl (name courtesy of Evan :)

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Kids are awesome. I am currently upstairs while the kids are on a brain break from distance learning doing these posts. The kids have always been so supportive of this work: they love to taste test, know that pictures are a part of most meals I serve, love asking how my clients are doing and both have said that they want to be health coaches when they grow up.

I just showed Evan the picture above and asked what he would name this smoothie bowl. His response came quickly and confidently: THE BLUE BOWL!

I love it and hope you love this recipe! It is simple and topped with our go to cereal: Blueberry Magic Spoon . Sometimes, smoothie bowls are just a vehicle for toppings. This smoothie was one of those days where the toppings were the absolute perfect compliment to the smoothie flavor. Also, if you are buying frozen blueberries, try to get wild. I truly feel that they have a deeper and more flavorful taste. And the color is exquisite!

Happy blending and happy eating! Love, BB


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