Recipe: Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Rice

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Hello, there! I made a decision over the last week to migrate some of the most asked for and delicious recipes that I share on Instagram over to the blog for easy access. Finding a recipe within a feed on Instagram is not always the easiest process, so in an effort to simplify, they are going to be finding their way here, as well. I will be starting with really easy recipes that you can meal prep and make during this season of time that is so very different for all of us.

I know that for us, we have not been using any formal recipes over the last month. We have been cooking on a feeling and what sounds yummy. My hope is that the recipes I will be sharing here help to inspire you to get in the kitchen and spend a few minutes creating something that makes you feel good.

First up, our favorite side dish: Buffalo Cauliflower Rice. This recipe can be made in a pinch using ingredients from the freezer and pantry. You do not need anything fresh and this recipe brings together all the amazing buffalo wing flavor in a side dish that the whole fam will love!


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