Recipe: Carrot Cake Smoothie

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Happy Friday! Hope that you are all waking up to a wonderful morning. One of my favorite ways to play around in the kitchen is to create smoothie recipes based on my favorite desserts. Carrot cake is most definitely a fav! We always get Publix carrot cake for family birthday’s in Michael’s family and we LOVE it. Now, this smoothie is more whole-foods based approach to the carrot cake, but the flavor will stun you!

I made this recipe yesterday to test it out before doing my smoothie demo today. It was the kind of smoothie that makes you a little sad when you take the last bite. So delicious and kept me full for 5 hours! That is kind of a record for me and was so nice to be fueled up for such a long time on a smoothie that tastes like dessert.

The key to making smoothies stand out in the taste department is spice. I am an avid lover of adding in lots of spices, superfoods and extracts to give my smoothies lots of depth in flavor. This one has a pretty long ingredient list, but each one brings just a little something necessary to the final product. If you give it a shot, I hope you love it as much as I do!

If you want to see the step by step demo to this smoothie, just hop on instagram and check it out!

Have a fun Friday and will catch up with you all soon.




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