Recipe: The Fluffernutter Smoothie

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This has been a recipe that was tucked in the back of my head for a rainy day. I adored eating fluffernutter sandwiches as a kid- the marshmallow fluff and peanut butter combo could NOT be beat. To this day, it is a pairing that is right up there with my beloved PB+J.

I wanted to find a way to create all the amazing, gooey and fun aspects of the fluffernutter and put it into a delicious smoothie. I think this recipe turned out pretty darn perfect. It is always a fun task to aim at recreating a classic combo into smoothie form. You all know that smoothies are a huge part of our life and creating this one and enjoying it was such a delicious reward to the process.

If you have any other fun combos that you want me to try just let me know. I am always up for the challenge!

For this recipe, I used a new protein that I found on Amazon: Paleo Pro Aztec Vanilla .

This blends up perfectly and creates the ideal vanilla backdrop for my smoothies. I have been experimenting with some new protein powders and whole food based additions to add protein to my smoothies. It has been a helpful research project and one that has had my tastebuds very happy!


Hope that you love this recipe and if you decide to give it a try, let me know what you think!





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