Recipe: Double Chocolate + PB Smoothie

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The votes are in! The winner for the weekly smoothie recipe and demo was the double chocolate and peanut butter smoothie! The peaches and cream smoothie was a very close second, but in the end the chocolate lovers won out ;).

Who doesn’t love a peanut butter cup? Or a tagalong girl scout cookie? The classic chocolate and peanut butter combo will never tire out in our house- our two little one’s even asked for a peanut butter cup smoothie for their breakfast today! Our whole house loves the flavors in this smoothie. Its a winner!

This week, I shared in an instagram post the steps to make the squash that I use in all my smoothie bases. It is pretty straight forward, but for those asking what to do if you do not have a steam oven: just use a steamer basket in a pot of simmering water.

It will work out just the same! I started using the squash as my base when my stomach started to let me know that using frozen riced cauliflower just didn’t work anymore. As I have gotten older, my stomach just doesn’t tolerate things like it used to and zucchini and squash are mild, easy to digest and create the most thick smoothie with that sneaky veg add that I adore.

Forever trying to get in my daily 9 servings! Eating my veggies in a smoothie is one way to grab a few more servings while loving every single bite.

The wait is over and the recipe is right here for you! Enjoy blending up this fabulous smoothie and be sure to tag me in your posts so that I can share them on my stories, too!

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