Meet Kale: Your New Friend With Benefits

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When I first heard of kale I thought that it was a “trendy” food. You know, the one you hear about non-stop for about 6 months and then the new, cooler, healthier food comes to light and kale is all but forgotten. I was so wrong!

Kale is a dark, leafy green that comes in a few different varieties- Curly, Lacinato and Purple. When you think about greens remember this- the darker the green the more nutrients it contains. Fact: Kale will beat Iceberg in the nutrient department any day of the week!

Eating greens, any greens, can improve the amount of nutrients you put into your body. But, when it comes to the best, Kale is KING! I am going to share my top 10 reasons that kale is your new friend with benefits 😉

  1. Kale is one of the lowest calorie, most nutrient rich foods in the world! With only 33 calories per cup you get more than your Recommended Daily Allowance of Vitamin A (boosts vision), Vitamin K (improves blood clotting and bone health) and Vitamin C (increases immunity and treats the common cold)
  2. Per calorie kale has more Iron than beef.
  3. Per calorie kale has more Calcium than milk.
  4. Kale has fat- and its the really, really good kind! Omega-3s and Omega- 6s: which have incredible heart health promoting properties.
  5. Kale grows in any season- so you can buy it year round for a very inexpensive price.
  6. Kale can help reduce your risk of cancer. Kale reduces inflammation, contains anti-cancer nutrients & is loaded with antioxidants. There are very few other foods on the planet that have that trifecta- kale is quite literally “Food as Medicine”.
  7. You only need to eat kale 2-3 times a week to reap these incredible benefits!
  8. Kale aids in digestion and elimination with its high fiber content. This makes your belly flat and gut happy.
  9. Eating kale helps rid your liver of toxins & impurities- and pumps it full of nutrients that it needs to function properly. Which is important since your liver is the most important organ for keeping you clean on the inside.
  10. You can use it 100 different ways: smoothies, kale chips, salad, omelets and my favorite in my Kale Caesar Salad (I will be posting this recipe next week!)

The next time you are in the produce department think of it as a Food Pharmacy- look at that kale and think of all the good it will do your body!

Have a great day- and be sure to let me know how you use your kale this week!


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  1. kait

    I’m really excited for the Kale Caesar Salad recipe!! Do you ever marinade your kale with lemon juice or olive oil before using it in a salad? I’ve had those recommendations given to me in order to take some of the “bite” out.

    November 28, 2015 • 3:40 am •
  2. Morning! I have never marinated it- but when I dress it with anything I really massage it to break it down a bit. Also, all my dressings for kale include some kind of citrus juice to help soften it up a bit, as well. Have a very happy Sunday!

    November 29, 2015 • 10:35 am •
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    February 6, 2016 • 8:39 am •