recipe: vegan “tortilla-less” soup

This time of year is the best time to make soups. I could eat them every single day, but sadly Michael doesn’t share my same love affair with soups. We only make them about every other week. I love that you can pack them full of veggies! Also, they make the best leftovers for a quick lunch during the week. We love anything spicy and this Vegan “Tortilla-less” Soup is incredible.

We are going to be doing the Whole 30 in January- if you want to do it, too, I will be hosting a virtual community on Instagram for the 30 days. Sharing recipes, ideas and making it as fun as possible. There truly is strength in numbers and the more the merrier!

So, this recipe started out as a practice run for an easy meal prep soup for next month. With the exception of the hominy and corn this soup is Whole30 compliant. What I would likely do is add a couple more veggies in here to keep it full of volume like this recipe is. I am going to make the Whole 30 as uncomplicated as possible and having easy soups around will be key!

If you eat meat, you can simply cook the meat with the onions in the first step. Or, add roasted chicken in with the broth towards the end. I will say, you miss nothing with this soup!

We are going to be enjoying this over the next week. This time of year is so busy and we all want to be so very PRESENT. Making meals in advance gives you that gift- and really, that is the best gift to give the one’s that you love this season. Your presence.

Wishing you all the merriest and happiest holiday. I am so thankful for this community that always inspires, supports and keeps me thinking outside the box.

Lots of love,



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