Recipe: Instant Pot Pulled BBQ Chicken

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Without a doubt, this is the recipe that I get asked about the most. An easy, incredibly versatile chicken that can top any salad, be the base to any soup, make the insides of an enchilada taste magical or be eaten alone with your favorite cracker. We have done all of the above and more with this recipe.

To quickly, go backwards, I was terrified of using my instant pot for the first time. I even sent the kids out on the porch when I had to release the pressure for fear it was going to explode in the kitchen! Now, I use it about 2-3 times a week. It makes this recipe even more accessible when you are in a pinch because it is FAST.

As with any other recipe I have been sharing, use your favorite brands of BBQ sauce. Use your favorite cut of chicken- we have used breasts and thighs and both turn out great. I think the key with any recipe is that it has to be easy right now. Something you can throw together while you are sipping your morning coffee, getting the kids breakfast or just watching Netflix.

Easy has become my new favorite way of cooking. Yes, we are eating a lot of the same meals. But, when you love them and serve them up in different ways it makes each plate feel brand new. Here is the recipe for the best. pulled. bbq. chicken. EVER!


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