Recipe: Best Ever Guacamole

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We are like so many others and ADORE a great guacamole. There is something about having a bowl of guac on the counter that just screams party!!! I learned how to make guacamole when I was in college and still use the exact recipe today.

We prefer to use our guacamole as a condiment to our grilled meats and veggies. Michael and I are not huge chip and dip people. But, we LOVE guacamole on a burger, over grilled chicken or on a piece of blackened trigger fish.

It is also excellent as a topper to a baked sweet potato or on a bowl of vegan chili. The possibilities are endless with a good guacamole.

We also learned a fantastic trick from Michael’s Auntie Mugg’s about keeping guac fresh longer: store it with a thin layer of water on the top so that the guac isn’t exposed to the air. Then, dump the water off when you are ready to eat leftovers, give it a stir and it is good as the first day! Love a great kitchen trick!

Onto the delicious recipe that I hope you love as much as we do!


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