menu plan: october 22-27

There is something very therapeutic about menu planning for me. I love to look at beautiful food pictures, imagine what the meals taste like and think about what our family would enjoy eating. At first, menu planning felt like another item on my to-do list. Now that I know the benefits of menu planning. It is a vital part of an easy flow during our week.

This week is my heavy work week and the planning will be critical. I won’t have time to scoot to the store mid-week so everything needs to get done today. The plan below was made using the “cook once, eat twice” method. Reusing a couple items from one night, the next night to make dinner prep even easier!

Let me know if you have any menu prep hacks. I am always looking for new recipes and ways to make planning for the week even easier (aren’t we all 😉 )

menu plan: october 22-27

Sunday: Grilling out to get lots of food for the week. We are grilling Trigger fish, grassfed beef burgers for the boys and a giant batch of grilled vegetables (will be using these Monday night, too). We are also going to roast up some baby potatoes and slice up some farm fresh tomatoes from my friend. I LOVE doing a big Sunday dinner with our family. I think it sets such a great tone for the week and always try to cook a lot so that we can eat from it during the week.

Monday: Ambitious Kitchen: Roasted Veggie, Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tortilla Pie I am going to use the grilled veggies from Sunday night in this and buy my favorite enchilada sauce to speed up the prep time. I can’t wait to try this recipe!

Tuesday: Pamela Salzman: Vegetable Paella Very excited for this one. I know it is going to be incredible, because every time I make her recipes they are! For the kids, I am going to scramble a couple pasture raised eggs with this and I am going to make Michael and I a small green salad to go on the side.

Wednesday: Gimme Some Oven: Vegetarian Portobello Pot Roast. This is a slow cooker recipe and I will forever be on the hunt for these. I am a LOVER of slow cooking and can’t get enough of it in the fall/winter months. We are going to serve this with some egg noodles and keep it simple!

Thursday: I am going to create a spaghetti squash pie with the pot roast leftovers, pasture raised eggs, cooked spaghetti squash and cheese. This is one of my favorite ways to use leftovers and they are always so good! Perfect for leftovers, too. Hope this one turns out as great as some we have made in the past.

Friday: Sushi night!


I hope that you all have such a beautiful week. I will be sharing these meals this week on Instagram, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.





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