menu plan: october 08-12

Good morning and happy Sunday! Hope that this post is arriving to you on a restful and relaxing Sunday. We have planned a beautiful  menu this week from Laura Lea Goldberg’s Balanced Cookbook

These recipes were created for a home cook- meaning, the ingredients are not fussy and the process is an easy flow to follow. It is beautifully written and photographed and we are so excited to get cooking this week! I will be sharing these dishes on Instagram and making them via stories when possible. If the kids are around they think I look really goofy talking into my phone, so may try to make many of these dishes early in the day while they are in school so that I can share 😉

menu plan for this week:

Sunday: BBQ Shrimp and Quinoa Grits (page 261)

I love the idea of this southern, summer feeling dish. The temperatures in FL have been almost 90 degrees. Summer vibes are still alive and well here and this dish will jive just great!


Monday: Refried Black Bean Enchiladas with Sweet Potato “Cheese” Sauce (page 281)

We are always game to try vegan mexican casseroles and this sounded so good! I love making a good casserole at the beginning of the week so that Michael can take it into work for lunch. Also, planned this dish with 1 hour of hands-on time on a day when he is off work for Columbus day and can hang with the kids while I cook it up!


Tuesday: Crispy Potato, Rosemary and Goat Cheese Frittata (page 143)

Such a sucker for a good frittata. I love that they can be eaten hot, room temp or cold. The versatility of being eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner also always draws me in. Love the potato, herb and goat cheese blend in this recipe. I am going to make this early and we will be able to eat it before Ev has his last soccer game of the season. These sorts of dishes are great for sports nights.


Wednesday: Peanut, Ginger and Chickpea Slow Cooker Stew (page 312)

Wednesday is a super packed work day and I know that the last thing I am going to want to do is hop in the kitchen at the end of it, so planned this slow cooker meal that can be made early in the morning and ready for us when we need it! I will make any recipe in a cookbook that has peanut butter in it- this does and I knew it would make it into the first rotation!


Thursday: Leftover night

We are leaving for the NC mountains this weekend and will be eating whatever we have on-hand Thursday night. We are so excited to take the kids hiking, see leaves change colors, go apple picking and have some quality time as a family.

If anyone is familiar with the Marion/Morganton areas of NC and  you know of must-visit places, please let me know! I am on a hunt for as many nut butters and small batch kombucha’s as I can get my hands on!

Have a wonderful week and can’t wait to share the meals from this cookbook with you all!



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