7- Day Whole30 Reset

Good morning, and happy Sunday! What a spring break week- Legoland was a total success and my sister and her husband were able to come and stay with us for the latter part of the week. It was pure joy! Lots of laughter, wonderful meals and lingering nights sipping wine with my sister. Soul food is the best way to describe it.

We are geared up for getting back in the swing of things this week. Backpacks are out, laundry is ready and tomorrow the kids will go back to school for just a little bit longer before we have summer break.

During spring break, I noticed that I was feeling sluggish, a bit tired and not my usual self. As a part of the this busy season in life, I know that I have been mindlessly picking at food, cleaning off the kid’s plates, eating on the run and not drinking as much water as I should be. Hence the reset.

The best I have ever felt was when we did the Whole30. So, I am tapping into what I know works and eating all Whole30 meals for the next 7 days. I am so eager to load my plates with colorful fruits, vegetables, wild fish and healthy plant based fats. Eating full, round meals and minimal snacks will force me to sit and connect with my meals. Also, the best sleep we ever had was on the Whole30. Who doesn’t want that?

I am sharing my menu plan so that you can see what we will be eating. Some of these may change based on my mood, but one things is for certain, I know at the end of these 7 days my mindfulness around food will be heightened, my body will be truly nourished and I will be well rested.

Have you ever felt this way? The Whole30 was incredibly eye opening for me. As a health coach, I am constantly working with men, women and businesses to create their ideal vision of health and wellness. It was important to “coach” myself through this sluggishness and come up with a plan. I will be sharing our meals and thoughts on Instagram over the next 7 days.

As always, if you have any questions about the meals or want additional details on the why behind our reset, I am here. I love questions and am happy to share anything you all need or want to know.

Wishing you a beautiful Sunday!



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