menu plan: september 24-29

Good morning and happy Sunday! We are coming off of such a nice weekend visiting with my parents- morning run’s with Michael, girls shopping trip, lunches out and lots of fun meals together at home. It is always sad when family leaves because of how nice it is to be with each other. While my Mom is playing Pokemon cards with the kids, I just planned out our menu plan for this week. The line up is SO good looking and I can’t wait to get in the kitchen.

Menu Plan for September 24-29

Sunday: Girl Makes Food: White Bean Chili

Monday: Minimalist Baker: Noodle Free Pad Thai

Tuesday: Rachael’s Good Eats: Sweet Potato and Broccoli Omelettata

Wednesday: Kale Caesar Salad with roasted turmeric wild salmon

Thursday: Oh My Veggies: Pumpkin Sage Baked Ziti

Friday: Fend for yourself night!


I am starting to feel fall- even with the temperatures in the 90’s, I know we are getting close. We are also heading to the mountains in NC next month and just talking about that trip has me wanting to eat chili, sip spicy hot chocolate wear my favorite flannel shirt and vest- ha! Living in Florida sometimes doesn’t jive with my love of seasons 😉

Hope that you all have such a lovely week ahead- and if you have any questions, comments or just want to say “hi”, please do!




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